Quilt Registry Day 2013

On Saturday, January 19, 2013, the Elkhart County Historical Museum hosted its fifth annual Quilt Documentation Day, celebrating the bedcovers that keep us warm, remind us of our family traditions, and tell us stories about their makers.

Over 50 quilts were documented from the public by AQS Certified Quilt Expert Donna Kooistra is invited to bring in their quilts for documentation in the museum’s quilt registry.

Below are images and information on the many outstanding quilts documented during 2013's event. Click each image for a larger view and the caption

Pattern: Lover's Knot, Date, Unknown
Pattern: Postage Stamp, Date: c1940
Washington Plume, c1845
Log Cabin, c1920
Dresdne Fan/Plate, c1945
One Patch, c1940
Ocean Wave, c1930
One Patch, 1913
Nine Patch, 1959
Contained Crazy Quilt Pillow, 1924
Hexagon Diamond, c1950
Floral Cross Stitched Wreath/Rose or Daffodil
Contained Crazy Quilt, 1924
Pine Burr/ Bear Paw Variation, c1880
Contained Crazy Quilt with Rolling Stone, 1904
Grandmother's Flower Garden, c1930
Bow Tie/SnowBall, c.1930
Farmer Boy, 1935
Hummingbird, Snowball, c.1940
Overall Bill, c.1930
8 Point Stars, c.1940
Double Wedding Ring, c.1930
Dutch Doll, 1932
Single Irish Chain, c.1890
Lone Star, c.1940
Rail Fence Baby Quilt, c.1940
Sunbonnet Sue, c.1930
Glorified 9 Patch, c.1940
Double Irish Chain, c.1940
Pieced Utility, 1915
Dresdin Plate, c.1940
Cotton Strips/Pieced Utility, c.1940
Rail Fence/Streak of Lightning, c.1890
Contained Crazy Quilt, c.1940
Single Irish Chain, c.1900
Drunkard’s Path, c.1910
Embroidery Child’s Quily,
Tree of Life, c.1970
Yo Yo, 1930
Stars, 2005
Cross Stitched Baby Quilt, 1960
Multi Colored Patch, c.1985
Swedish Dula Horse, 2008
Contained Crazy Quilt, c.1910
Flower Basket Kit, c.1950
Log Cabin, c.1920
Hanging Diamonds with Goblet Motif, c.1950
Lily-Peony, c.1855
Wheel, c.1915
Snow Ball/ Robbing Peter to Pay Paul, c.1940
Grandmother’s  Flower Garden, c.1940
Crazy Quilt, c.1900
Grandmother’s Flower Garden, c.1940
Turkey Tracks/Bear Paws, c.1920