Upcoming Events                                                                         


10th: Tribute to the Troops Display
Time: 9:00am

To celebrate Veterans Day, the museum will be displaying some of the great uniforms in our collection all month long! The main hallway will have a display from different military branches from different eras of history.

21st: Elkhart's Early Settlement- Guided Tour
Time: 1:00pm $1/person

Learn about the first people that arrived in our region by taking a guided tour of the museum! Guides and guests will explore the exhibits and examine artifacts to illustrate how Paleo people, Native Americans, and Early American settlers lived as they came into the Elkhart County area.


19th: Surviving the Cold- Guided Tour
Time: 1:00pm $1/person

Whether it was animal skin, wool, flannel, or many other ways, people have been combating the winter temperatures for centuries. Learn how people dressed, adapted, and created items to keep themselves warm.


29th: The C.G. Conn Factory Fires
Time: 10:30am

On this day in 1883, fire completely destroyed the C.G. Conn musical instrument factory. Fire would strike again in 1910. Hear the stories surrounding the fires, the reaction from the community, and how Conn and his company responded after losing their facility.


10th: Artifact Interpretation Class
Time: 7:00pm $5/person
preregister by Tuesday, February 9th by calling (574) 535-6458

Learn from museum staff the various ways to bring out stories from a simple item. After a few lessons, you'll get to choose an artifact and test your skills by researching and interpreting artifacts on your own. A great program for teachers, home schoolers, and anyone interested in telling history through objects.

24th: Museum Open House: Rank our Exhibits!Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm

Join us as we open our doors to the public after hours. We want you to come and enjoy the museum, but also share your ideas. In planning for the future we want you to look at our exhibits, tell us what you like, don't like, and what stories we should tell so you can learn your history!