Upcoming Events                                                                         


8th: Elkhart County's Top 10 Moments in History: #10-6

With Indiana celebrating its 200th birthday, we are looking over the history of Elkhart County and determining the 10 moments that most impacted our community's history. In the first of a two part event, find out moments 10 through 6, and let the debate begin!

Time: 7:00pm


19th: Elkhart County's Top 10 Moments in History: #5-1

Do you think you know the biggest moment in Elkhart County history? Come find out what the staff at the museum think it is, and what other pivotal moments have shaped what Elkhart County is today.

Time: 7:00pm

28th: People of Elkhart: E. Hill Turnock

You may have walked past the work of E. Hill Turnock and not even noticed. Learn about how the architect left his mark on Elkhart County and some the iconic buildings he designed that we still have today.

Time: 11:00am


18th: People of Elkhart: Charles Gordone

Born in Cleveland, but raised in the city of Elkhart, Gordone was the first African-American to win a Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Learn about the man as an actor, playwright, and director, and his efforts to achieve racial unity through the arts.

Time: 11:00am

28th: Did the Underground Railroad stop in Elkhart County?

Before the Civil War, many slaves escaped through the North in secret on their way to freedom. This program will explore if any houses or people from our county participated in the network.

Time: 7:00pm