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8th: People of Elkhart: Jack Cooper

Jack Cooper served in the Pacific Theater during World War II. During the Battle of Iwo Jima in July of 1944 his plane was shot down, leaving Cooper and his crew mates adrift in the Pacific Ocean. Hear the story of Cooper's life, service, and heroic fight for survival.

Time: 11am

3rd: Bristol Walking Tour

Bristol has a long and interesting history. From a major court case possibly connecting the Underground Railroad to the community, to the first consolidated school in the county, join us for a great outdoor opportunity to see and hear about places where Bristol history took place.The tour will begin at the Elkhart County Historical Museum

Time: 6:30pm
pre-register by calling (574) 535-6458 by August 2nd

19th: People of Elkhart: CG Conn

CG Conn got a split lip in a bar fight, and developed a mouthpiece for his cornet so he could continue to play. From this, Conn built a worldwide business and became a captain of industry. Learn about how he built his band instrument factory, became the mayor of Elkhart, established a newspaper, and the other things he did for the community.

Time: 11am 

6th: Nappanee Walking Tour 

Elkhart County was well established when the town of Nappanee was founded in the 1870's. In this historic walking tour, hear about the critical role the railroads played in its establishment, the rise of the Coppes family, and the evolution of the town.

Time: 6:30pm

pre-register by calling (574) 535-6358 by September 5th

16th: People of Elkhart: Edward Bonney 

The life of Edward Bonney is surrounded by mystery and legend. The man who established Bonneyville Mill, is reported to have been arrested for counterfeiting, escaped from the police, bounty hunted in Mormon territory in Illinois, and much more.

Time: 11am

7th: People of Elkhart: The Potawatomi

Before there was an Elkhart County, or event a state of Indiana, this area was inhabited by the Potawatomi. Learn about this group and their culture including the story of Five Medals and its leader Wonongaseah.


21-22: The Gathering at Five Medals

This living history event will transport you back in time to experience life in Elkhart County more than 300 years ago. Visit the Woodland Native Village and witness a fur trade, enjoy historical music, watch the skirmish on the prairie, and much more.

Time: Saturday 9am-5pm, Sunday 9am-4pm
$5/adults, $3/children (12 and under)
for more information check out the event's website