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18th: People of Elkhart: Charles Gordone

Born in Cleveland, but raised in the city of Elkhart, Gordone was the first African-American to win a Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Learn about the man as an actor, playwright, and director, and his efforts to achieve racial unity through the arts.

Time: 11:00am

28th: Did the Underground Railroad stop in Elkhart County?

Before the Civil War, many slaves escaped through the North in secret on their way to freedom. This program will explore if any houses or people from our county participated in the network.

Time: 7:00pm


11th: People of Elkhart: Emma Malloy

Newspaper editor, suffragette, evangelist. These and many other words could be used to describe Emma Malloy. Learn about how this woman from Northern Indiana became a leading voice in the Temperance Movement, and was part of one of the worst murder scandals of the 1880's.

Time: 11:00am

21st: Bicentennial Torch Exhibit Opening

Continue to celebrate Indiana's 200th birthday with this special display! The museum recently acquired a commemorative torch from the Indiana Department of Tourism that is a replica of the torches carried across the state during the relay. You'll be able to view the torch along with other items related to Elkhart County's participation in the Indiana Bicentennial celebration.


22nd: People of Elkhart: John Jackson

One of the earliest settlers to Elkhart County, John Jackson was an early leader of the county. Museum staff will chronicle Jackson's life from a soldier in the US Military who took part in the attack of Five Medals village, to his settlement in Elkhart County, and his role in the county's early development.

Time: 11:00am

27th: Elkhart Infernos 

Many of the towns in our county have experienced a massive fire. Goshen saw the courthouse, Elkhart saw the CG Conn instrument fact, and many other buildings razed to a pile of ashes. Come find out about this burning topic and the impact these fires had on their communities.

Time: 7:00pm


13th: People of Elkhart: The Horticulturists 

Our county was the home to a number of great contributions in the field of horticulture. Vernon Krider, Amos Kunderd, and O.J. Eigsti have all made Elkhart their homes and used science and inventiveness to create memorable flowers and gardens. A great way to welcome in spring with this blooming history.

Time: 11:00am

25th: Atlatl Night

Hunt like people did 10,000 years ago! Atlatls were developed by Paleo people to throw spears further and faster than what they could do with their arms. After a brief history of the tool, you'll get your chance to try it out for yourself, and see if you would be a good Paleo hunter!

Time: 7:00pm
Location: Cobus Creek County Park- 30680 CR 8, Elkhart 


3rd: People of Elkhart: The Illustrators

Our county is known for a number of great artists whose work has been seen by millions of people in newspapers and print ads. This presentation will chronicle the careers of the number of cartoonists from Nappanee, Ted Drake, and others.

Time: 11:00am

15th: Middlebury Walking Tour

Started by Enoch Woodbridge, who felts the area's hills reminded him of his previous home of Vermont, Middlebury is one of Elkhart County's longest enduring towns. Walk down the streets as staff document the people, businesses and events that have take place over the city's 180 year history.

Time: 6:30pm; tour starts at the corner of Warren and Main Streets, Middlebury
$5.00/person; you must preregister for this event by calling (574) 848-4322