Classroom Visitation Program             

Can't make it to the museum? Then let someone from the museum come to your classroom. Our programs offer topics that will fit into your lesson planning, highlight items from our collection, and some even have a costumed interpreter show your students what it would have been like to live in the past. Each program lasts from 45 minutes to an hour.

Cost: $25 for the first program, $5 for each additional program on the same day

To register: Contact Marlene at 574-535-6458

For questions: Contact Patrick at 574-848-4322 or

Available Classroom Visitation Programs:

Civil War Soldier

The Civil War comes alive as a uniformed soldier guides your class through the trials and tribulations of the Civil War on the battlefield and on the home front in Elkhart County.

Grade level: 4-8

Indiana State Learning Standards: SS.K.1.1, SS.1.1.1, SS.1.1.2, SS.8.1.20, SS.8.1.21, SS.USH.1.2, SS.USH.9.2

Native American and Early Settlers

Learn about Native Americans that lived in the area, and the settlers who established Elkhart county. See how they lived, interacted with each other, and influenced each other's culture.

Grade levels: 1-5

Indiana State Learning Standards: SS.1.1.1,  SS.1.1.9, SS.2.1.1, SS.3.1.1, SS.3.1.4, SS.4.1.1, SS.4.1.2, SS.4.1.5, SS.5.1.6, SS.3.4.3, SS.5.1.1, SS.5.3.4, SS.5.3.11, SS.GHW.7.1, SS.E.8.1

Everyday Items From the Past   

This program allows students to see items from our collection,guess what they are, and compare them to their modern equivalents. Each item also will highlight a particular era of  history.

Grade level:1-5

Indiana State Learning Standards: SS.K.1.1, SS.1.1.1, SS.1.1.2, SS.1.1.9, SS.2.1, SS.USH.9.2, SS.S.2.1