School Tours                                

Take your students on a guided tour of the museum! Each program is aligned with Indiana Learning Standards, and incorporates tours of the exhibit galleries and interactive activities. Programs are available to a maximum 60 students. If you can't visit the museum check out our off site programming, where someone from the museum can come to your classroom.


Cost: $2/person in-county
         $3/person out-of-county

To register: Contact Marlene at 574-535-6458

For questions: Contact Patrick at 574-848-4322 or


 Available Programs:

The Story of Elkhart County

Learn about Elkhart County's rich history by getting a tour of our museum exhibits. This program focuses on Native American life, industry, military involvement, and home life from the past.

Grade levels: K-12

Indiana State Learning Standards: SS.K.1.1, SS.K.1.3, SS.1.1.1, SS.1.1.9, SS.2.1.1, SS.3.1.1, SS.3.1.2, SS.4.1.1, SS.4.1.2, SS.4.1.5, SS.5.1.1, SS.5.1.3, SS.8.1.5, SS.USH.1.2, SS.S.2.8

Native Americans & Early Settlers

Come see what life was like 10,000 to 160 years ago! Learn about the early inhabitants of this area, and the settlers that came west and established Elkhart County. Program includes a guided tour through the exhibit galleries, and a chance for students to learn the use a reproduction atlatl.

Grade levels: 3-5

Indiana State Learning Standards: SS1.1.1, SS2.1.1, SS3.1.1, SS3.1.4, SS 3.4.3, SS4.1.1, SS 4.1.5

The Way We Worked

This program incorporates history, economics, and math as students learn about jobs people had in the past compared to occupations in their community today. Also, get a behind the scenes tour of the museum to see how we preserve the past.

Grade Levels: K-4

Indiana State Learning Standards:SS.K.2.4, SS.K.4, SS.1.1.1, SS.1.2.4, SS.1.4.2, SS.1.4.3, SS.2.1.3, SS.2.4.2, SS.2.4.6, SS.4.4.1, MA.1.2, MA.2.2, MA.3.2, MA.3.5.11, MA.4.5.10