Fees & Photocopies                                                                                 


$.10 per page

$5.00 postage and handling for mailed requests.

Researchers have access to a self-serve photocopier which costs $.10 per copy.

Research Request Fees

A fee is charged for any research conducted by museum staff.

For general research requests, the research fee is $20.00 per hour, charged in half-hour increments. Please note that general research requests may be subject to this research fee, in addition to the cost of copies and postage, if applicable.

Results of research requests can be delivered by photocopy or electronically. Photocopies are $.10 per page, plus postage and handling (minimum $5). There is no additional fee for electronic delivery.

Reproductions of images and media formats may also be requested pending copyright and donor restrictions on materials. Reproductions used for commercial or for-profit projects are subject to our use fees and policies on use of materials. Please contact us for more information.

All research, image, and media requests can be submitted by e-mailing us at research@elkhartcountyhistory.org.