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The Elkhart County Historical Museum maintains a vast collection of 30,000 objects and over 100,000 documents in a state of the art climate controlled facility. The community library and reading room contains more than a 1,000 books and offers a pleasant environment to conduct research.

Our Collections:

The Elkhart County Historical Museum offers a wealth of materials on the history of Elkhart County from the 1830s to the present. Our collection includes family history, historic photographs, maps, newspapers, church books, land records, and many more intriguing resources.

The manuscript & archival collections contain diaries, letters, organization and business records, and more, while our Object Collection features furniture, textiles, household items, artwork, tools, military items, dolls and toys, and architectural fragments. In addition, visitors can browse our collection of reference books to learn about historical subjects from agriculture to textiles, or consult our reference files for news clippings and overviews on local people, places, and topics.

If you are interested in conducting research, learning about what materials we have available in the library and/or repository, or want to take a closer look at our objects, please take the time to look over our website. It will allow the staff to best prepare for your visit!