About the Museum

The Elkhart County Historical Museum was founded in 1968 as a partnership between the Elkhart County Historical Society and the Elkhart County Parks Department. Through the efforts of countless individuals, the museum has become one of the foremost institutions in northern Indiana dedicated to preserving and educating the public about local history.

Museum Staff:

Museum Director
Julie Parke

Curator of Collections
Michelle Nash

Curator of Education
Patrick McGuire

Research Archivist
Amy Christiansen

Facility Caretaker
Eugene Duncan

Museum Assistant
Chloe Madison


Elkhart County Parks Department

The Elkhart County Parks Department mission is to enhance the quality of life, preserve the County’s cultural, historical, and natural resources; and provide education and recreational opportunities. Located in north central Indiana, the Elkhart County Parks offers visitors an opportunity to discover the natural beauty and rich history of Elkhart County. Each park is unique and maintained with the public’s recreational interests in mind. The Parks Department provide an abundance of low cost programs and events, miles of trails for people to stay fit, and variety of places where one can refresh the soul. Visit the Parks Department Website for more information on any of these opportunities.

Elkhart County Historical Society

The mission of the Elkhart County Historical Society (ECHS) is a 501c3 non-profit organization with the mission to serve present and future generations by collecting, preserving, and sharing artifacts, documents, and images pertaining to the unique culture and history of Elkhart County and its environs. Founded in 1896, the society opened their first museum in 1907 at the Elkhart County Courthouse. In 1968 the society partnered with the Elkhart County Parks Department to open a museum at the Bristol High School which closed in 1966 and had become property of the Elkhart County Parks Department. For the last 100 plus years, ECHS has offered exhibits, publications, research opportunities, and programs related to the history of Elkhart County and the larger region. ECHS success are the result of the efforts of countless volunteers and a dedicated board of directors.

Elkhart County Genealogical Society

The Elkhart County Genealogical Society (ECGS) is located within the Elkhart County Historical Museum. ECGS is a non-profit organization seeking to further interest in genealogy in the Michiana area, to contribute to the preservation of genealogical and historical records of the Michiana area, to stress the importance of accuracy in research through careful documentation, and to publish a quarterly journal containing records of the area and other genealogical information of importance to society members.

Visit the ECGS website for additional information.