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The Collection Freeze is Lifted!

We are pleased to announce that the freeze placed on all new donations of artifacts has been lifted. The freeze was put in place as the staff of ECHM undertook the institution’s first ever wall-to-wall inventory in 2015. The first step in the inventory, entering all of the museum’s collection records into a searchable database, is now complete. The museum can now reliably search all of its donation history and is therefore able to make informed decisions about accepting any new donations of artifacts without risking unnecessary duplication. We invite anyone who has an object or archive they feel helps tell the story of Elkhart County and would like to donate to contact the Curator of Collections, Michelle, by calling 574-848-4322 or emailing michelle@elkhartcountyhistory.org. Decisions about adding to the collection can take several months while items are reviewed by the Elkhart County Historical Society board. ECHM is therefore not able to store any items pending a decision. Museum staff asks that individuals interested in donating provide images of the items along with any information known about them. We are looking forward to seeing what gems of local history members of the community might have!

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Welcome to the Elkhart County Historical Museum

The Elkhart County Historical Museum strives to tell the stories of the many people, places, and events that make up the history of Elkhart County. We are dedicated to preserving and fostering appreciation of the history of Elkhart County and the larger region. We believe that a broad knowledge of the past is essential to understanding and improving the present. The museum offers  exhibits for all ages, educational programs, and a local and family history library. Plan your visit to the Museum today!


The mission of the Elkhart County Historical Museum is to tell the ongoing story of Elkhart County by building lasting connections to history.

The Museum is operated as a partnership between the Elkhart County Parks Department and the Elkhart County Historical Society.

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